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Strain Pigeons

On this page i give you a short insight in how i am building my current foundation.

The current colony basicly evolves around 3 pigeons, Rainman, New Rainman and Levi.

In 2012 1st National St. Vincent Zlu was won by Rainman. Rainman was bought as a young bird at BDS Team and raced in Sluis. Rainman was sold after his victory but through a number of children he runs like a red thread through the current colony. Rainmans Jewel 105, First Son 106 and Rainmans Zemer are direct children of Rainman which have allready proven to give very good offspring in more than one generation.

In 2014 with sport friends AP Overwater and Piet de Vogel I also purchased the Levi which in 2013 won a 1st National St.Vincent Zlu on a very hard race with hot weather and head wind. Levi was a.o. paired up against Rainmans Jewel 105 and a number of children from this couple now play an important role in the current breeding foundation. Mr Balance, Bolletje and Levi 353 are children from this coupling that in very short time allready proven to give very good offspring.

A third important foundation pigeon is the New Rainman also bought as a young bird at BDS Team and raced in Sluis. New Rainman won as a yearling a 9th National Agen Zlu. On this race there was a tight West wind and all early pigeons were mainly on the East side of the Netherlands. New Rainman performed it then to be the only one on the west side to classify within the first 10 national. A year later he won the 1st Npo Bergerac in 2015 a race with hot weather and head wind. After Agen 2016 I decided to place New Rainman also on the breeding loft, and the first nice results from this decision are getting visible. In 2018 a 4th Npo Issoudun and 36th National Agen Zlu were obtained by descendants of this cock.

Furthermore there was invested in the best marathon pigeons that are to find to cross against my basic birds. On this website you fill find some of these birds and see the background of them.